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Why Cite?

EMGlab users and contributors both benefit when users cite the web site and appropriate literature references in their manuscripts.

Users benefit, because

  • you "demonstrate your integrity and skill as a responsible participant in the conversation of scholarship" [1].
  • you make it easier for readers to replicate and verify your work.
  • you provide assurance that the algorithms and data used in your study were sound and accurate.
  • you encourage contributors to place more of their work in the open source environment.

Contributors benefit, because

  • citations demonstrate the usefulness and impact of your contribution.
  • increased use of your algorithm or software can provide constructive feedback.
How to Cite

If you use software or data from the EMGLAB web site, we ask that you cite the paper that describes the software or data (or the contributor if there is no paper) and also acknowledge the web site.

There are no universally agreed upon formats for citing electronic sources. Some journals have specific formats, while others do not. Here are some suggestions, based on the recommendations of the American Physiological Society [2].

Software associated with a publication:

  Florestal JR, Mathieu PA, Malanda A. Automated decomposition of intramuscular electromyographic signals.IEEE Trans Biomed Eng 53(5):832-839, 2006. [The software is available at]


Software not associated with a publication:

  Hacker X. Universal problem solving algorithm. [The software is available at]


Data associated with a publication:

  McGill KC, Lateva ZC, Johanson ME. Validation of a computer-aided EMG decomposition method. Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc Conf, 4744-4747, 2004. [The data are available as dataset R002 at]


Data not associated with a publication:

  Kamen G. [Online dataset R004, available at]


The EMGLAB website:

  EMGLAB: A forum for sharing software, data, and information related to EMG decomposition [web site]. [2007].



[1] Sources: Their use and acknowlegement [online]. Dartmouth College. [2007].

[2] Instructions for preparing your manuscript [online]. The American Physiological Society. [2007].











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