EMGlab version 1.03

EMGlab version 1.03

EMGLAB is a Matlab program for viewing EMG signals, decomposing them into MUAP trains, and averaging MUAP waveforms. It provides a convenient graphical interface for displaying and editing results, and advanced algorithms for template matching, resolving superimpositions, and decomposition-triggered averaging.

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Summary of New Features in Version 1.0

Moving through the signal. You can now scroll through signals by dragging the cursors or the panel contents, by using the arrow keys on the keyboard, and by using the mouse scroll wheel. You can also scroll continuously by holding down the < or > buttons. You can change the length of data shown in the Navigation Panel. You can move through long signals using a slider underneath the Navigation Panel.

Manual editing. You now see the templates as you drag them between panels and adjust them in the Close-up Panel. You can display templates as a cascade or shimmer plot, and you can display the residual in the Navigation Panel. You can copy firing patterns and templates between channels or between annotations. The program now supports ten levels of undo / redo.

Displaying auxiliary data. You can now display force or another auxiliary channel in addition to the EMG signal.

Working with large files. You can now work with very long signals without running out of memory.

Printing and plotting. You can now directly print the EMGlab window. You can also take a screen shot of any panel to save it as a figure.

Exporting data. You can now export templates and firing patterns to the Matlab workspace.

Comparing annotations. You can now compare different annotations of the same signal.

Please let us know of any problems or bugs at emglab@emglab.net

Release Notes:

1.03   2009 - 05 - 28:
   Fixed navigation slider text in fast draw mode.
   Changed filter order in Open EMG file dialog.
   Fixed errors with saving annotations when quitting.
   Fixed scaling of .smr files.

1.02    2009 - 02 - 26:
   Fixed problem with saving and loading .eaf files.

1.01    2009 - 01 - 27:
   Fixed problem with playing the signal.
   Fixed problem with importing EMG signal.
   Fixed mtlplugin bug that caused crash in Matlab 6.5.

* Please cite this software as:
McGill KC, Lateva ZC, Marateb HR. EMGLAB: an interactive EMG decomposition program. J Neurosci Methods 149(2):121-133, 2005. [The software is available at http://www.emglab.net]


Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Rehabilitation Research and Development Center
National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke