Standards for sharing EMG files and annotations

EMG decomposition is being used in many labs, but interchange of information between labs is hampered by the lack of standard data formats for EMG signals and decomposition results.The goal of this project is to develop common formats and conversion software to facilitate the sharing of information.
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EMG signal database

The goal of this project is to establish a web-based library of EMG signals and annotations.

• train new decomposition users
• test and validate new algorithms
• document scientific findings
• facilitate communication about technical issues

We will gladly accept contributions to this library.

Standards for assessing decomposition accuracy

In order to properly interpret scientific results obtained using EMG decomposition, it is important to have an objective assessment of their accuracy. This means more than just establishing the validity of a decomposition method, because the same method can produce results of different accuracy for different signals or even for different MUAPs in the same signal. The goals of this project are to develop objective methods for estimating the accuracy of decomposition results, and to establish a consensus among the decomposition community about measuring and reporting this accuracy.

Open-source programs for EMG analysis

We hope that a free interchange of algorithms and software will lead to innovation, greater reliability, and more widespread availability of decomposition software. We encourage your contributions.

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