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28 Nov 2018how to read the clinical data in matlab2 Kacper Kania 5646
26 Oct 2018MUAPs in template panel to matlab1 Rachel 496
12 Sep 2018EMGLAB and MATLAB 2018a1 Konstantin Akhmadeev 378
30 Aug 2018Decomposition algorithm EMGLab1 Konstantin Akhmadeev 829
30 Aug 2018Single annotation for all channels1 Konstantin Akhmadeev 382
29 May 2018About eaf files in the dataset R008 (Multi-channel IEMG)0 maoqi chen 394
06 Mar 2018MATLAB code for EMG signal time and Frequency Parameter extraction/Analysis1 saiharika 1709
25 Feb 2018.sty file format from Dantec Keypoint Focus0 Becky 385
29 Jan 2018ERROR: Erase mode property no longer supported1 AelesJ 1371
16 Aug 2017EMG simulator MU firing times0 Eline 478
29 Jul 2017Selection of EMG signal from multiple muscle0 James 504
13 Jun 2017Is there ICs out there that able to amplify emg signals in group?0 kfkh1811 448
29 Dec 2016real time emg0 Nehal 629
16 Apr 2016load .eaf files into matlab2 radhika 1645
16 Apr 2016viewing .dat file in MATLAB0 radhika 815
01 Oct 2015surface EMG0 Lukas 991
19 Jun 2015Question about Frquancy sampling0 MESSEKHER 973
16 Apr 2015Error in mtlcluster0 Jirka Ylönen 1079
16 Oct 2014EMG data aquisition0 JINO JOSSY 1203
27 May 2014What should I do next?0 Dhivya 1031
25 Feb 2014I want to share a open EMG design for surface signal decomposition 1 Rune Thorsen 6030
29 Jan 2014SMR Loading Issue (Matlab 2012a)3 Jevon Montague 3325
01 Jul 2013possible sampling rate error0 J E Park 1341
14 Jun 2013constructing an artificial EMG data for EMGLAB0 J E Park 1224
27 Mar 2013Reading raw data out of .dat files for import into other applications1 understand phạm 2436
27 Mar 2013LOAD dat FORMAT FILE1 understand phạm 2564
27 Mar 2013EMG data!1 understand phạm 2050
18 Mar 2013Export to Matlab1 Sharon 2278
29 Nov 2012Exporting data to MATLAB workspace0 Maryam 1492
27 Nov 2012Adaptive Neuro fuzzy inference system (ANFIS)0 Mariam 1354
26 Jan 2012HELP! Linear envelope detection0 Lost in space 1585
09 Nov 2011Triggers and time windows0 Anne Richards 1525
17 Oct 2011Waterfall plots of MUAP2 Kylie Tucker 2622
19 Sep 2011New beginner 0 woosub 1716
24 Aug 2011Parameters used in EMG Simulator0 David 1573
23 Aug 2011Median Frequency0 David 1680
24 Mar 2011What kind of electrode should I use for Thumb muscles0 Arthur H. 1646
22 Mar 2011EMGLAB SOFTWARE1 Kevin McGill 2170
22 Mar 201110khz sampleing frequency gathers all the motor activity for decomposition?1 Kevin McGill 2253
22 Mar 2011Export EMG train to Matlab2 Kevin McGill 2555
26 Jan 2011EMG Decoding ~94.5% acuracy in realtime using HMM, autoregresive coeficents in a open source model0 josheeg 4201
01 Jan 2011EMG data base0 Venugopal 1889
23 Dec 2010Rigorous A-Posteriori Assessment of Accuracy in EMG Decomposition0 Neda 2062
29 Oct 2010emglab NOT running in matlab 2010b0 ondrej 1695
26 Oct 2010Facial EMG methodology1 2462
15 Aug 2010loading .dat format2 pooria 3077
07 Dec 2009Minimal hardware requirement for EMG decomposition0 Michael Wong 2096
16 Nov 2009wavedb from c files software0 joshua wojnas 1827
10 Nov 2009Can EMG decomposition be done with a very brief contraction, e.g. knee jerk reflex 1 Kevin McGill 2348
07 Aug 2009Does all the software stem from the same toolkit using matlab?1 Kevin McGill 2177
06 Aug 2009M2HTML documentation tool to make the code easier to edit.0 joshua wojnas 2039
22 Jul 2009decomposition output1 Kevin McGill 6597
21 Jul 2009emg basics0 niranjana rao kakarla 2134
19 May 2009what are the specs a EMG should fallow to work best with your software?0 joshua w. 4138
15 Feb 2009minimal sampling rate for using EMGlab2 Michael Wong 3487
19 Sep 2008EMGLAB crash problems?1 Kevin McGill 2144
18 Sep 2008can sEMG be processed?2 YangJun 4240
29 Jul 2008Feature Request - View Force Channel1 Kevin McGill 2287
15 Nov 2007EMGLAB Site RSS Feed0 Mike Pascoe 2334
20 Jul 2007Comparing EMGLAB with Spike21 Kevin McGill 3745
22 Jun 2007Problem in viewing decomp file1 Kevin McGill 3208
21 Jun 2007how to load signal in *.mat1 Kevin McGill 4581
25 Apr 2007Welcome to EMGLAB1 DaiLiang 2918
07 Mar 2007EMG Decomposition Symposium0 Kevin McGill 2622



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