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  Subject:   ERROR: Erase mode property no longer supported
From:   Martin Date:   10 Jan 2016 2:05 am  
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  Hi all,

I am having trouble opening emglab in MATLAB. Every time I input the function 'emglab' the emglab window opens and I am faced with lines of script in the command window repeatedly saying:

Warning: The EraseMode property is no longer supported and will error
in a future release. Use the ANIMATEDLINE function for animating
lines and points instead of EraseMode 'none'. Removing instances of
EraseMode set to 'normal', 'xor', and 'background' has minimal
> In emgscreen>emgscreen2 (line 459)
In emgscreen (line 160)
In emgscreen>emgscreen2 (line 253)
In emgscreen (line 160)
In emgscreen (line 109)
In emglab (line 63)

If anyone has any advice, that would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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