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  Subject:   wavedb from c files software
From:   joshua wojnas Date:   16 Nov 2009 6:17 pm  
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  Hello I have one circuit board I am assembling and a few more still in the works for a open source experimental EMG measurement device to work with EMGLAB Scilab software.
When the data is coming in the USB port their will be 8 24 bit long words can wavedb handle that size samples? Also is their a c file for taking the samples in the 8 measurements are taken at the same time using the ads1278 that can be found at ti.com . The PCI interface could have more of these chips in parellel.
The sampling will be at 20k samples per second like EMGLab says is the max sample speed to get the maximum data from a EMG signal. What is the best way to take this from c to emglab software?
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